Please note additional charges may apply for Airport drop offs and collections. Please ask your driver or Call 020-8850 0000 for the current rates If applicable.

The Car Park charge will be determined once the driver exits the car park. Waiting time is only applicable after 45 minutes of the flight landing. Car parking charges are payable by the customer. Additional waiting time is charged pro-rata at £18.00 per hour.

Please be aware that there is an additional £10 charge if you wish to go via the M25 to and from Heathrow.

Estate Car rate is an additional £5.00.

6 Seater rate is minimum fare is the fare + 50%

7/8 seaters rate is simply x 2 the current tariff.

Increased Charges.

Increased charges may apply over the Christmas and New Year period and during periods of adverse weather or driving conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Your picking up instructions will be emailed to you with your receipt. You must print or make a note of these as they will contain a telephone number for Data Cars.

Data Cars will not refund you if you have forgotten to take this with you.

You are responsible for checking the details of the booking in the confirmation we email you confirming your booking. Data Cars will not be held responsible if the information is incorrect. If it is incorrect please inform us as soon as possible and we will email you an amended confirmation.

Data Cars does not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights for whatever reason i.e. traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances.

We advise passengers to plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure to allow for possible unpredicted delays en route to or from the airport. Data Cars will not take responsibility for any passengers missing their flight if two hours check in time was not allowed.

You are free of course to arrange to get to the airport for a time of less than 2 hours prior to flight departure, however, Data Cars accept no responsibility for any missed flight due to this.

All passengers are advised to have adequate travel insurance prior to booking.

No responsibilities for costs are to be refunded to any passengers who do not wait for their driver and take alternative transport.

Please ensure you give us your arrival times and day into the UK and not your departing information.

If you have a serious delay on your return journey please inform us as soon as possible although we will do our utmost to find out if you have incurred any delays.

Data Cars is a booking agency and we sub-contract all journeys to self-employed drivers who own or rent their own transport…

Data Cars is a booking style agency and we sub-contract to licensed private hire drivers. If you require a receipt for your journey, it will not be subject to VAT unless the driver is subject to VAT. Our current drivers are not. Therefore, any receipt given for cash or credit card payment will not include VAT or have VAT added.

Pricing Policy

Prices are calculated manually with the distance, time of travel, number of passengers and amount of luggage taken into consideration.

Waiting Time

We do not charge for the first 45 minutes waiting time after the plane has landed. However, if the passenger is delayed through customs or immigration or has lost luggage our pricing system would charge waiting at £18.00 per hour pro rata.

Tolls & Congestion Charges

Any  Tolls are not included in the instant online quotes. The driver will ask you for any Toll charges or we can take this from your card if you prefer. The most common tolls are Dartford Tunnel and Dartford Bridge which currently cost £2.50 for a car. The London Congestion charge is not payable by the customer because currently, PCO Licenced vehicles are exempt.

Cancellation Policy

Data Cars will accept all reasonable cancellations with at least 48 hours notice. The cancellation must be made via an email to which you will receive confirmation by us.

If you do not receive an email from Data Cars confirming the cancellation we have not received it. In this case please call our out of hours number which is 020-8850 0000 Refunds will not be issued if the passenger does not show up for pre-paid journeys or the booking is cancelled on the day of travel or afterwards.

All other circumstances where a refund may be possible should be addressed directly with Data Cars

If refunds are applicable this will be made by our administrator Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. The contact telephone number for refunds is 020-8850 4444

Please note calls are recorded for quality and training purposes.