Data Cars conducted Tfl Topographical Assessment between 2017 and 2021 but TfL will now be hosting all assessments at their centres in Baker Street and West Kensington! Due to massive demand we are please to announce that we will continue Topographical Training for anyone who is looking to pass the Topographical Assessment! We are taking bookings for Training now!!! To Book please call 020 8850 4444.


Welcome to the Data Cars Topographical Training page

Data Cars have been doing in depth Topographical Training for nearly 6 years and have helped over 5000 candidates pass the Tfl Topographical Assessment.  We have been here every step of the way and had to adjust our training through every change Tfl have made throughout the years and continue to deliver what we believe is the most comprehensive Topographical Training Classes that give the candidate the best possible chance to pass the Topographical Assessment when they take it with Tfl.

In 2022 the Topographical Assessment changed and you now only have 90 minutes instead of 2 hours to take the Topographical Assessment and Tfl have also changed the number of journeys from 6am, we believe this has increased the difficult and means there is no room for mistakes when you sit the exam with Tfl, this is why we recommenced that you take at least one topographical training lesson before you go to the exam with Tfl and the pass rate is only around 45%-50% so even if you are fairly confident it is better to make sure so you do not come unstuck when taking the Topographical Assessment.

Is it important to remember that you only get 2 attempts at the Tfl Topographical Assessment and before having to restart your application with Tfl, this is why it is vital to make sure you are prepared as there is so little margin for error. If you do not pass the Topographical Assessment in these 2 attempts it could cost you so much time and money and most costly thing is that it is stopping you from getting your licence and earning on the road. This is why we cannot stress enough how important the Tfl Topographical Training for this assessment is and our highly experienced trainers will guide you through every step away and you will not leave our trainer centre disappointed and you’ll be feeling so much more confident to take the Tfl Topographical Assessment

If you have not booked your assessment then that’s no problem, Post-pandemic TFL have been conducting assessments since Monday 12th April 2021. You can book your Topographical Assessment by following the latest information on their website and request a call back to book your assessment at

What we offer is Topographical Class Training which is a full day class Session, You will be shown how to use the Master Atlas of Greater London more effectively. This training session will teach you to locate answers to questions that could appear in the TfL Assessment. You will learn how to avoid losing points from the journey even if you have completed the journey, you will start to look more carefully at the map details. You will also be advised when and how to plot your journey. Here you will be introduced to reading the Master Atlas of Greater London in more detail. Helping you to navigate through different maps and indexes. All the multi-choice questions will be easier to find the answers to after this training session. You will also be shown how to achieve a route-plan and how to write a journey, helping you to look more closely at the maps. After completing the Class Session, the Trainer will give his opinion on how you should proceed i.e., extra class or Computer Training. You will also receive Home Studies so you can practice at home.

We also offer Topographical Computer Training which is a 3 hour advanced computer training on how and where to plot your lines on a journey with our highly experienced training assistant. You will be using our system and replicating an experience you will have when you take the assessment, this is highly beneficial to nearly all candidates. Computer Training starts with a guide to the software used by TfL for your assessment followed by a short practice run. You will then be given Journeys to complete and guided by the Trainer. You will then begin to understand what you have been shown in the Class Session becomes very helpful.

The Data Cars Topographical Training Centre is based in Lewisham, South East London and is about a 5 minute walk away from Lewisham station Once TFL has given you an assessment date then you can call Data Cars on 020 8850 4444 to book in your training. A member of our team will ask you for your assessment date and get you booked in for a suitable training date and time. We really hope you decide to booking your topographical training in with us we keep the classes fairly small which means you will receive all the necessary positive attention from instructors.

Please remember that the Tfl Topographical Assessment is conducted under exam conditions by Tfl. Tfl then aim to get your results to you within 10 working days as they will be marked by Tfl themselves. This is the only way you can pass the Topographical Assessment so there is no way that a pass can be guaranteed, while we can assure you Data cars will give you the best possible chance and be prepared for the Topographical Assessment there is no way anyone can give you a 100% chance of passing.

Our Topographical class session can hold up to 8 people as we feel it is our duty of care to keep the classes small so you can the right amount of attention with the teacher. You will also be given home studies to take away with you so you can practice for the Topographical Training even after your assessment. The Computer Training only holds classes of up to 5 people, candidates love this class as it gives you great use of the TFL like system and you can get some great practice in on the journeys itself, our instructor will give you a full demo on how to use the system and then you have a go yourself.




Preparing for the Assessment!

The initial pre-licensing assessment will be a computer-based using Edition 17 of the Geographers A-Z Master Atlas of Greater London and based on the existing syllabus:

Here at our TFL Approved Data Cars Training Centre in South East London we provide the ideal conditions for training and sitting the exam, which will be conducted under exam conditions by TFL assessors


Cost of Class Training  – (9.30am – 4.30pm) – £99

Cost of Computer Training – (3 Hour Slot) – £99

We accept:      credit-cards

Payment must be Paid by Visa or Mastercard Prior to Training or your Assessment.