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Android & iPhone App for Data Cars

Data Cars has made it even easier to take advantage of South East London’s largest and most reliable fleet of private hire vehicles.

With the new free App you will be able to quickly and easily book a car wherever you are directly from your iPhone handset. The App will be made available soon for other platforms including Blackberry and once downloaded allows you to take advantage of Data Cars’ latest automated booking service.

The App also includes details of fares and prices and makes booking a Minicab convenient even in the most inconvenient of places.

Data Cars now offers 20% off all app bookings

The new Android App from Data Cars is now available for FREE download. It is the first UK application of its kind and confirms Data Cars’ position as the Country’s most innovative Private Hire operator.

Book a car and receive 20% off when booking a car via the app from the largest private hire firm in South East London.

You can place the booking directly on our map, and see how many cars available there are nearby.

No standing in the rain. Track your car as it arrives on a map, or call the driver when they’re nearby. No more guessing where your cab might be.

Place bookings hours, days or weeks in advance. Whenever it’s convenient for you.

If Necessary, cancel your booking at any time. It takes seconds to place a new booking directly from the handy favourites list.

Data Cars is the largest private hire company in South East London. We have access to over 300 drivers and we ensure that all vehicles are installed with the latest GPS technology.

Data Cars is Free to download and it costs you nothing to register.



Available NOW for iPhone and Android

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