Topographical Training!

To become a licensed private hire driver in London you must complete a topographical assessment. The exam will be conducted under exam conditions by TfL assessors at Data Cars Training Centre in South East London.

The initial pre-licensing assessment will be paper-based using Edition 15 of the Geographers A-Z Master Atlas of Greater London and based on the existing syllabus:

Here at our TFL Approved Data Cars Training Centre in South East London we provide the ideal conditions for training and sitting the exam, which will be conducted under exam conditions by TFL assessors

How to book your Topographical Assessment To book your assessment: First, submit your application to TfL. Once your application has been assessed, TfL will invite you to book a topographical assessment and once you receive this invite you need to phone TfL on 0343 222 4444 to book your Assessment with Data Cars. Once you have been given a date, contact us on 020 8850 1000 to book your training for the day prior to your Assessment.

TO BOOK PLEASE CALL: 020 8850 1000

For the latest information on how to book your TfL assessment, please visit the TfL website at

Cost of Assessment £75

Cost of Training £100 (2 Sessions)

Additional Training £50 (Per Session)

We accept:      credit-cards

Payment must be Paid by Visa or Mastercard Prior to Training or your Assessment.