1. Data Cars Limited is a private hire operator licensed by Transport for London and accepts its responsibility, as a principal contracting party, to passengers making a private hire booking for a journey (in accordance with Regulation 9(14) Private Hire Vehicles (London) (Operators Licences) Regulations 2000 as amended.
  2. Data Cars business operating model has been in place and remains unchanged since the company was formed in 1999.
  3. Data Cars commenced trading on July 1st 1990 and has always accepted bookings ONLY from its passengers and will never accept bookings from drivers.
  4. All bookings are carried out in a London licensed private hire vehicle driven by a London licenced private hire driver.
  5. All bookings will be carried out for a fare which will be agreed in advance.
  6. Data Cars will endeavor to provide an estimate to be as accurate as possible.
  7. Only Data Cars will cancel a booking from a passenger, However, a driver may reject an offer of a booking from Data Cars to carry out a booking from another operator, something that is out of our control.
  8. Data Cars as a London PHV operator is responsible for accepting the private hire booking as well as the provision of the journey.
  9. Data Cars is liable in relation to the transportation services provided as a licenced London Private Hire Operator.
  10. To make a complaint simply call the booking line on 020-8850 0000.
  11. Bookings can only be cancelled by a passenger via the app or by calling 020-8850 0000
  12. Any claim is limited to the cost of the fare paid for the journey taken.
  13. Lost property should be reported as soon as possible to 020-8850 0000
  14. The contracted driver receives 100% of the fare paid by the customer.